Sourcing and Supply

We can help you find and locate the products that you want to buy, as we understand that sourcing also includes a much richer and more complex set of tasks when applied on a larger scale.

Once the product is found, we must also ensure the item is in stock, can be processed within our accounting system, and can be delivered or drop shipped to you in a timely way.

By working with us on your strategic sourcing, you immediately have the expertise on hand to locate those hard-to-find items that may have been hidden behind a different SKU or NSN (national stock number), identified under a new model number for the same product, or simply discontinued. In addition to locating these items for you, our sourcing solution also benefits you by:
1. Reducing the costs associated with locating hard-to-find or specialty products.
2. Saving time by finding hard-to-find items on time.
3. Eliminating duplication of effort and supplies.
4. Streamlining your supply chain by working with a strategic partner.
5. Managing supply lists and reports on a long-term basis to help you with future orders.

With our extensive knowledge of industrial offerings, and our long-term relationships with Several manufacturers, we have the necessary expertise and structure to provide a sourcing strategy that fits your company/ Business needs.
Our sourcing solution is nimble and scalable to work with your needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your sourcing needs.